Reverse Engineering

From the physical model to the virtual one.

On-site acquisition or in our laboratory

The continuous technological evolution often generates the need to update existing machines to increase performance, increase their efficiency or reduce their environmental impact.

The first step to improve an existing product is to acquire its characteristics, both in dimensional and functional terms. In fact, often, for various reasons, 3D models or construction drawings or technical reports of existing products may not be available.

CReAI offers a reverse engineering service that covers:

  • Detection of geometric and dimensional characteristics
  • Functionality analysis
  • Analysis of actual operating loads
  • Analysis of eventually occurred problems of deterioration or damage arising during the life of the object and identification of the causes
  • Reconstruction of 3D CAD models of existing objects

The aforementioned activities can be carried out both on-site at customers facilities (for example on vehicles, plants or large machines) or inside our laboratory.

Downstream of the reverse engineering activities, CReAI makes its expertise in mechanical design available for the retrofitting and upgrade of existing machineries.

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