Our main services in support of the Industry

Dedication, Honesty and Competence are the three essential cornerstones of the CReAI philosophy in the approach to work. This is fully reflected in the services we provide, through which our Partners find effective, innovative and competitive solutions for their business.

In fact, CReAI supports companies thanks to services that cover a large part of the development of a product or process, including project starting from scratch or for improving or updating existing technologies in various sectors.

The main services we carry out are:

Conception, calculation, industrialization, technical drawings and prototyping.

Static, transient, fatigue, modal and vibration analysis, shape optimization and verification of welded assemblies.

Fluid machineries, air distribution systems, HVAC, cavitation, heat transfer and combustion.

R&D activities both on specific industrial needs and in the context of co-financed collaborative projects.

Development of calculation, simulation and management tools for specific needs.

Inspections and compliance controls at the production and assembly level.

Field acquisition of existing systems, creation of 3D / 2D CAD models and retrofit.

Development of technical specifications and use and maintenance manuals.

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