Reverse Engineering

On-site acquisition or in our laboratory The continuous technological evolution often generates the need to update existing machines to increase performance, increase their efficiency or reduce their environmental impact. The first step to improve an existing product is to acquire its characteristics, both in dimensional and functional terms. In fact, often, for various reasons, 3D models or […]


Guarantee high quality standards At each stage of product creation, compliance with numerous requirements and high quality standards are required. Specific knowledge is required for the verification of the quality requirements, both in the design phase (for example to verify that the supplied products comply with the specifications) and in those of production, assembly and testing. Quality […]

Development of Engineering Tools

Customized solutions CReAI is able to support companies that intend to solve specific problems within their design, production, organization or management processes. The approach we use is based on understanding the specific needs of the Customer, analyzing the problem, proposing a solution approach, implementation and validation. Specifically, we are able to develop software tools for the […]

Thermal-fluid dynamic analysis CFD

Effective answers to complex problems Simulation based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), supported by appropriate theoretical knowledge, is a powerful tool capable of providing rapid answers and accurate results to designers, avoiding or minimizing the use of costly experimental tests. Thermal-fluid dynamic optimization of products and processes can lead to significant benefits in terms of increased energy efficiency and performance. […]


Consolidated experience Verification of the mechanical resistance of a product is essential for ensuring safety as well as being required by national and international standards. Furthermore, structural optimization can allow significant benefits both in terms of material saving (and therefore cost reduction) and  of maximization of product  performance (for example by reducing weight). CReAI has gained extensive experience in the application of the Finite Element Method […]

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design is the soul of CReAI. Creativity and competence have always been expressed in our company by completing design challenges in various industrial sectors. CReAI is able to provide a complete mechanical design service, addressing all phases of the project: Conception: study of the specifications and conception of efficient design solutions. 3D CAD modelling: from ideas to the virtual model. Structural and […]

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