Center for Research and Development of Industrial Activities

chi siamo

Born in 1986 under the name of “Calamai Engineering Office” (Studio Ing.Calamai), in Prato, the Center for Research and Development of Industrial Activities (CReAI) today has good leadership skills in many sectors and boasts a multi-year experience in collaboration with the most important companies in Italy and abroad.

In the last few years, thanks to the cooperation and aggregation of different entities, CReAI has improved its own knowledge and capabilities, channeling them into five big sectors and increasing the potential through new generation services and tools. This has been possible due to a great engineering expertise of the company and especially to the available modern and innovative technologies.

The Center for Research and Development of Industrial Activities has a vast experience in planning and designing projects for these five principle industrial sectors:

  • Railway
  • Energy
  • Machinery
  • Nautical
  • FEM Analysis

CReAI is specialized in planning, designing, calculations, research activities, technical consultancy and practical engineering of prototypes: for this reason, its own history is well documented and testifies the great success gained over the years. After having faced different multi-sectorial problems and thanks to the constant acquisition of know-how, our experts and specialists are able to deal with a wide range of industrial services by flexible method. Indeed, CreAI usually realizes CAD models, CAE, assembly drawings, calculations, reports and specifications, also furnishing technical consultancy on a great scale and carrying out Research and Development activities.