Energy Sector

CReAI makes its know-how available to companies operating in the strategic sectors of Energy and Oil & Gas and with which it has been collaborating continuously for over ten years.

The experience of CReAI includes:

  • Structural analysis (static, transient, fatigue, vibrations) and thermo-fluid dynamic of fluid machineries and pressure equipments like:
    • pumps
    • compressors
    • fans
    • valves
    • gas turbine components
    • heat exchangers
  • Development of energy harvesting systems
  • Development of systems for the exploitation of waste energy from industrial processes
  • Research and development on plant components aimed at improving energy performance
  • Vibration analysis:
    • Modal analysis
    • Forced response
    • Random vibrations
  • Structural analysis of oil control units and skids for gas turbines and compressors
  • Fluid dynamic analysis of:
    • Air intake systems
    • Turbomachinery filtration systems
    • Cavitating flows inside valves and pumps
  • Non-linear structural analysis (in the elasto-plastic field) of pressure equipment
  • Drafting of machine layouts and design of piping systems
  • Design of main frames and structural components of fluid machinery
  • Design of equipment and test benches for compressors and centrifugal pumps

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